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Film film BaruFilm Baru : Halo teman-teman pengunjung blog sederhana ini, terimakasih masih berkunjung kesini ya. he..he. tulisan kali ini saya mau kasih review film baru nih aja. film baru dengan cover disamping itu tuh. udah pada tahu pasti dong judul filmnya? kan ada disana. he..he. Judul Film Baru Ini : DABANGG, Starringnya Film ini: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Tinnu Anand. Genre : Action | Comedy | Romance | Thriller. Okray, langsung ya, biar keren sinopsisnya pake english aja ah. hi..hi. Link downloadnya ntar ada dibawah ya:

he film begins when Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) is still a young boy, who lives with his younger stepbrother, Makhanchan “Makkhi” Pandey (Arbaaz Khan), who was born to Chulbul’s stepfather Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna) and mother, Naina Devi (Dimple Kapadia) in Laalgunj, Uttar Pradesh. His stepfather always shows partiality towards Makkhi which constantly angers Chulbul.
21 years later, a gang of robbers steal money from a bank and are counting the loot, when Chulbul, now a cop, apparently tries to recover the money by beating up the robbers but, it becomes clear later that he keeps the money for himself. Chulbul (who now calls himself Robin Hood Pandey) still lives with his family, and except with his mother, he doesn’t have a good relationship with his stepfather and Makkhi (whom he bullies at times).
Makkhi is in love with a girl called Nirmala (Mahi Gill) whose father, Masterji (Tinu Anand) opposes their relationship. During a police encounter, Chulbul chances upon Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha). He falls in love with her on first sight, but she doesn’t seem to care about him.

Chedi Singh (Sonu Sood), (who is the president of the student council of a regional political party called Lok Manch and is a goon), meets Chulbul and tells him that the people he beat up and stole the money from are party workers and that they were getting money for the party. But, he forgives Chulbul on the condition that Chulbul “works for him”. Chulbul flatly refuses.

Makkhi asks his father to arrange his marriage with Nirmala, but his father says that he needs money to repay the loans he took to make his factory so he needs his son to marry a rich girl. So, Makkhi steals the key of the cupboard in which Chulbul keeps his money, but is caught red-handed by his mother. He tells his mother that he intends to give the money to Nirmala’s father, who in turn will return the money after marriage through dowry. Although his mother refuses, he takes the money and gives it to Nirmala’s father.

Meanwhile, Chulbul meets Rajo and proposes marriage. She rejects it saying that she has to look after her father, Haria (Mahesh Manjrekar), who is always drunk (because of which her brother left the house) and that she cannot marry until he is alive. Chulbul then comes home to find his mother dead. He goes to his stepfather to make peace, as he is the only family left. But, his stepfather says that Chulbul is not part of the family anymore.

Ok, gimana teman-teman? dah ngerti alur cerita film baru ini kan? Untuk mendownloadnya, silahkan klik disini –> bagian I, Bagian II, Bagian III. semuanya ada 400MB.

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